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IR temperature analysis

Infrared thermometers, rather than having to come into contact with a body to determine its temperature, do so by measuring radiated energy. Fast and reliable temperature measurements of moving, very hot or difficult-to-access objects are thereby made possible. The use of infrared sensors is also possible for very high temperatures, where a contact sensor or contact probe would be destroyed or would have a very short service life.

Engine Technology Magazine | 6/2014 | UKIP Media & Events Ltd

Laser triangulation sensors

offering extreme resolution and high measuring rates, laser triangulation sensors accurately measure displacement, position and vibrations on an engine manifold, powertrain or car body

Engine Technology Magazine | Sept 2013 | UKIP Media & Events Ltd.

Turbo speed sensors

the very small diameter of all-new sensor models enables the technology to be mounted simply on the turbocharger for monitoring

Engine Technology Magazine | June 2013 | UKIP Media & Events Ltd.

Sensors for the future

With multiple sensor categories gaining traction amid the current recessionary times, this feature analyses the various new age applications and technologies that are making the rounds in the Indian sensor segment and suggests the themes of future developments in this domain.

A+D India | Oct-Nov 2013 | publish industry

Sensors that deliver

Eddy current displacement sensors are one of the main pillars of non-contact industrial measurement technology, being used to measure distances, displacements or positions of any electrically conductive target. The principle offers many advantages that no other procedure can replicate. The conventional sensor design is now being supported by new developments in materials and components. This makes handling these sensitive sensors easier, while extending the number of applications.

Engine Technology Int. Magazine | March 2013 | UKIP Media & Events Ltd.

Automatic determination of coil diameter

The automation of rolling mills, strip treatment plant and handling processes can no longer be imagined without the use of non-contact measurement technology. Besides the width and coil weight, the coil diameter is one of the most important items of production information.Coil diameter is used not only for the finished coil, but also for the production speed control or as a criterion indicating the approach of a coil end. Optical systems, with the help of which position and distance can also be measured, work particularly accurately and reliably.

International Aluminium Journal | 12/2012 | Schluetersche Verlagsgesellschaft mbh & Co. KG

Sensors in medical technology

Modern sensors and measurement systems are helping to make medical interventions more secure, automate research, and to design more ergonomic medical devices.

MED Engineering International | 1/2013 | Hanser

Precise adjustment

Modern sensors and measuring systems facilitate medical operations, they automate research and they contribute to the ergonomics of medical equipment.

Fascination of Electronics | 1/2012 | publish industry

Showing Robot Assistants the Way

Automation in medical technology is no longer an alien concept. Increasing cost pressures and staff shortages call for new techniques to be used to improve operational efficiencies.

MEDengineering | Export 2012 | Hanser

Measuring distances by rope

Draw-wire sensors, rope length gauges, rope length transmitters or string pots are just some of the names of the widespread forms of displacement measurement sensors, all of which are based on a principle like that of the household tape measure.

IEN Europe | 10/2011 | Thomas Industrial Media

New precise method for measuring sheet thickness using laser profile scanners

Increasingly complex processing, optimisation of raw material costs or new standards mean there is a continually growing demand for sensor technology. Optical measuring techniques are becoming more and more important here.

Aluminium | 87/2011 | Giesel Verlag

IEN Europe interviews

IEN: The Embedded Coil Tehcnology makes capacitive and eddy current sensors more robust to harsh conditions. Was this technology developed due to customer demands and because the regular sensors...

IEN Europe | Juni/Juli | Thomas Industrial Media

Sensors for special applications

When a standard sensor does not meet its set requirements, users often turn to customer-specific solutions. But what can we do when the demands of the applications exceed the sensors' physical capabilities? In such cases, help comes in the form of Micro-Epsilon

IEN Europe | May 2011 | Thomas Industrial Media

Draw-wire sensors under pressure

Displacement measurement in a hydraulic cylinder is a challenging task since a reasonable solution cannot often be easily found. For example, for truck-mounted cranes a load torque limiter is required...

IEN Europe | 4/36 | Thomas Industrial Media

Mesure sans contact

La mesure de l’épaisseur constitue un sujet récurrent de la métrologie. Divers principes de mesure et approches permettent de procéder à cette mesure de différentes manières: Avec un ou deux capteurs, depuis un seul côté ...

MSM | 03/2010 | Vogel

Non-contact displacement sensors technologies

Chris Jones, Managing Director at precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon (UK), compares the technical pros and cons of four types of non-contact displacement...

Power in motion | 10/2008 | Thomas Industrial Media

Eddy Current Sensors as Essential Components for Tribology Test Rigs

The engineering requirement for increasing performance density leads to higher loads on components with smaller dimensions. Therefore, today's components must be ...

Sensor Magazin | 04/2008 | Magazin Verlag

Non-contact displacement sensors: a review

Chris Jones compares the technical pros and cons of four types of non-contact displacement measurement technologies. Selecting the most appropriate technology for the applications is what matters...

dpa | 08/2008 | IML Group

A measured approach to sensor selection

Chris Jones, managing director at precision sensor manufacturer, Micro-Epsilon UK, compares the technical pros and cons of four types of non-contact ...

Factory equipment | 09/2008 | connecting industry

New laser sensors offer high accuracies at large base distances

In non-contact displacement measurement applications using laser sensors, the accuracy of the sensor suffers as the measuring range (or base distance to the target) increases...

Industrial Analytical Instrumentation | 09/2008 | William R Digby-Hammerton MCIJ
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