Fabrication additive

Dans la fabrication additive, différents paramètres doivent être surveillés. Les capteurs de Micro-Epsilon surveillent le positionnement, l’application des poudres et les dimensions des composants, en particulier lorsqu’une qualité de fabrication élevée est requise. Les capteurs laser, les scanners laser, les capteurs de déplacement inductifs basés sur les courants de Foucault et les capteurs de déplacement capacitifs sont parmi les capteurs utilisés.

3D scan prior to laser cladding / laser deposition welding

Laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon are used to detect the contour during laser cladding. These scanners detect the exact contour of the object before the weld is deposited. The 3D data is used to exactly ...

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Deposition control of coatings

In coating processes based on laser cladding or laser deposition welding, laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon monitor the coating. Their high profile resolution enables reliable monitoring of the weld deposition.

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CAD comparison of the printed component

In order to monitor their production quality, printed components are inspected using Blue Laser scanners. The components are moved past the scanners with a traversing unit. A 3D image is produced ...

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Print head positioning and focal point control

With printing processes, the exact height of the print head is a crucial factor for the quality of the final product. High-speeddistance measurement against different material surfaces and reliable edge ...

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High-resolution fine positioning when printing PCBs

With printing, soldering and assembling processes of printed circuit boards, the exact height positioning of the print head is crucial for a flawless process. optoNCDT laser sensors enable precise positioning ...

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Glue bead measurement in dispensing systems

After the reflow soldering process, glue is applied on some points to protect the circuit. The glue bead thickness is a critical factor that is reliably inspected using laser sensors.

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Orientation and positioning of the building platform

With selective laser sintering, the building platform is lowered after each melting cycle by a defined value which corresponds to the required Z resolution. Inductive displacement sensors based on eddy ...

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Robot path calculation in repair welding processes

In order to calculate the robot path, scanCONTROL laser scanners determine the areas that need to be welded. Providing a high profile resolution and profile frequency, these laser scanners enable quick ...

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Monitoring the tilted squeegee

Capacitive displacement sensors monitor the position of the squeegee. Two synchronized sensors measure with high resolution both ends of the squeegee to provide exact statements about its tilt angle. This ...

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